Istanbul Tour to Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, St. Sophia and Grand Bazaar

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full day shore excursion offering a complete overview of Istanbul's most interesting highlights

This tour starts from the ship with first stop Topkapi Palace. Topkapi used to be the palace of the sultan and its harem. Nowadays has been turned into a museum exhibiting an impressive collection of Chinese porcelain, artefacts and jewels dated from the 14th century AC.

The next stop is scheduled to take you to a great Islamic landmark, the Blue Mosque. This is the largest Mosque in Turkey and its architecture is a combination of Ottoman and Byzantine styles. The Mosque is crowned outside by 6 minarets and in the interior is covered by hand-made blue tiles.

Leaving behind the Mosque, you will visit the church of Agia Sophia, the most impressive church of Orthodox Christianity. Agia Sophia is known for its high dome supported by great marble pillars. The interior is totally decorated with mosaics made by the best artists of the time.

After your sightseeing, you will have time to relax and take a stroll at the streets of Grand Bazaar. This is the biggest market in Istanbul consisted of 60 streets and 5.000 shops. There, you will encounter all types of Turkish goods and you can choose souvenirs for your loved ones. After shopping, you will return to the ship. 

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