Istanbul Tour to Chora Museum, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar

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choose this cruise excursions and learn about Byzantine history, feel city's beat and the Grand Bazaar and spend 6 delightful hours in the heart of the city

You trip starts from the ship and takes you to the first stop of the tour: Chora Museum or Kariye Museum. Chora was originally a church built by the Byzantines and dedicated to Jesus Saviour. It is one of the finest examples of Orthodox churches. During the 16th century, the church was turned into a mosque and finally, nowadays, is used as a museum. You will admire the impressive interior with excellent mosaics and frescos. 

The next stop is also a venue built during the Byzantine period, the church of Agia Sophia. It was built by the emperor Justinian as a symbol of the Byzantine power. The interior dome is known for giving the impression to visitor of being “insignificant” inside the house of the Lord. This derives from the imposing decoration and the height of the dome.

The tour continues to the Blue Mosque, the greatest mosque of the Islamic World. The mosque owes its name to the blue tiles adorning the walls in the interior. It is also surrounded by six minarets of 64 meters height each.

Before your return to the ship, you can enjoy a visit to the most popular and buzzing open market in the city. The Grand Bazaar is full of hand-made domestic items, jewels, bronze, porcelains, Turkish ceramics, fresh fruits, dried nuts and oriental spices. You can buy a souvenir to remember your visit in Turkey or just have fun watching the locals bargaining. 

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