Istanbul Tour to Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Underground Cistern and Grand Bazaar

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this shore excursion offers you the chance to visit the city's highlights but also explore the underground part of Istanbul through an exciting tour to the undergroung cistern

As you leave the ship behind, you will make the first stop at the Blue Mosque. This is the largest mosque in Istanbul and it was designed by the Sultan Ahmed combining both Ottoman and Byzantine architectures. Inside is covered by ceramic, hand-made tiles, brought from the East.

The second halt for your group will be at Agia Sophia,  the landmark of Istanbul. The church has been famous for its massive dome and is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture. It is covered by mosaics and wall paintings. The pillars of the church are made from Ephesian marble.

The next visit will take you to the underground Istanbul and into the arcades of the underground cistern.  The cistern, located 150 m southwest of the Hagia Sophia was built in the 6th century in order to provide fresh water to the citizens. You will see the impressive underground church and two pillars carved in form of Medusa’s head.

The final stop will be at the popular market of the Grand Bazaar, an open air fair that represents the spirit of Istanbul. There you can buy Turkish ceramics, porcelain, bronze hand-made domestic items and rugs. If you don’t feel like shopping, you will have to opportunity to feel the oriental atmosphere and watch the local bargaining. 

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