Bodrum Tour to Euromos, Didyma and Miletus

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Spent a pleasant day shore excursion around Bodrum including visits to two Ancient hubs of great importance: Didyma and Miletus

Your tour starts from the port of Bodrum where you will meet your guide and be driven at the Euromos. Euromos’ archaeological site is dotted with ruins dating from Roman Times.

You will visit the Corinthian temple of Zeus, the father of the Gods. The temple is surrounded by olive trees and the greater part of the hillside ,where it is located, is full of scattered with remainings. Afterwards, you will visit Mylas , a town mentioned in history from the 7th century BC. The place used to be a thriving economical and political centre of the area. It has been known for its market that attracted thousands of visitors. Nowadays, the area is also known for its carpet weavers.

The next stop of your tour is scheduled in Didyma. Didyma was a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo, god related to light and sun and protector of poetry. The oracle has been extremely popular during the Ancient Years and many people from Greece and Asia visited it in order to receive a prophecy. The temple was destroyed by Christians and the pieces were used to build churches. The temple was of immense size and beauty. There are many columns and carved pieces of marble remaining in the site today witnessing the greatness of the temple.

The final venue visited during this full day tour is Miletus , an ancient Greek Town founded by Greek colonels and become the economical, cultural and political centre of Western Asian Shores. Miletus was birth place of Western Sciences, like history and rhetoric. You will follow your guide to an educative stroll through the ruins of the city, see the Ionic Stoa on the Sacred Way and the Great Theatre of Miletus, which is amphitheatrically-built over the hill and was designed to host about 16.000 people. 



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