about us

why choose us

1a fresh, new approach of tourism in Turkey
2ongoing update & on the spot visits to select the best that Turkey can offer
3out of the box packages in Turkey
4employing the best providers in each field
5 sophisticated approach & products
6high quality standards
7educated & well trained staff
8prompt, reliable services
9local expertise, global knowledge
10specializing in Turkey … only

what is turkistas
we have two passions, quality tourism & Turkey. Combining both of them we created turkistas. Our brand refers to a group of people: Turkey + Istas. We enjoy the idea of a group of people sharing the same values, who want to discover Turkey, who love to travel, who choose to really know the country with a twist.
our brand focus on these people. The sense of belonging is a human need. We wanted to create a mark that gathers people, make them feel that they belong, that they can learn, meet other people who love turkey and exchange ideas, knowledge and travel experiences.

our team is formed mostly by young, educated people, nevertheless our top management includes travel professionals with experience of almost half a century. This combination of enthusiasm and vast know-how could only set a high level in the design and selection of our products and services.

join turkistas
we are turkistas and since you stay on this website, maybe you are too. We invite you to share, to open your mind & heart and taste the best that Turkey can offer by joining rest of turkistas today.